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Latin America has 23 million university students throughout its territory. Do you know what they all have in common? ... A DIGITAL CARD

Yes, even if it sounds a bit absurd, it is 2023 and the common factor of all students of THE NEW GENERATIONS is a physical ID card.

At Scrinio, we replaced this card with an app that not only saves millions of tons of plastic, but also makes universities and their students better and more connected through multiple functionalities that strengthen and impact the interaction between the different actors that make up these centers that adopt these technologies.

Prove it now


A digital ID card makes it easier to verify the identity of your employees. In addition, it is a process that is usually much more practical and simple than printing and generating physical ID cards that are constantly forgotten, lost or worn out and represent a high cost for your company.

At Scrino, we have the technology and resources necessary to generate digital ID cards that benefit your company and your employees.

  • Basic information verifiable via QR code or turnstile
  • Quick and easy access from electronic devices
  • Cost savings on physical cards
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Facial recognition
  • Durability over time


Our virtual card also has a series of functionalities that allow to increase the interactivity between the members of the educational centers and their students through a series of technological tools designed for student management and micro segmentation of the public of interest.


Create an account andget started quickly and easily

  • By text message
  • With mail validation
  • With persistent sessions
  • Users can be verified

Create relevant content

Posting photos and videos Using content tags

Select and follow topics of interest

  • When creating the account I can select my topics
  • When browsing the app, I can see relevant content
  • I can like and comment on posts I like

Receive notifications

  • When a important account posts content
  • With a selection of the best contents of my interest
  • When someone interacts with my content
  • Relevant messages from the educational institution

Social functions and wifi network