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Together we learn

Together we learn

It is a program dedicated to ensuring that Colombians and Venezuelan migrants in all their diversity enjoy a complete, continuous and quality educational path. For this project, an easy and versatile microsite is created that can be understood and navigated by anyone who needs its services and, in addition, the design and development of a graphic UI KIT is generated.

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A UI kit (User Interface Kit) is a set of predefined design elements and components used to create user interfaces for digital products, such as websites or mobile apps. UI kits typically include elements such as buttons, icons, forms, navigation bars, menus, fonts, colors, and other common elements used in creating user interfaces.

Among all its functionalities and scope, we highlight:
Digital tool to create resumeDigital tool to create resume
Creation of digital student cardCreation of digital student card
Gamification strategiesGamification strategies
Entrepreneurs StoreEntrepreneurs Store