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It is the largest educational institution in Colombia and we develop an APP for more than 8 million people, we develop an information system, WEB application and applications for Android and iOS.

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SENA App is a digital platform developed for SENA, the largest educational institution in Colombia, whose main objective is to generate connection bridges between students, teachers and collaborators of the institution. And achieving scope goals of:



200kUser interactions

User interactions

45kActive users

Active users



Among all its functionalities and scope, we highlight:
Digital tool to create resumeDigital tool to create resume
Creation of digital student cardCreation of digital student card
Gamification strategiesGamification strategies
Entrepreneurs StoreEntrepreneurs Store

Different functionalities are created according to the needs of the entity. One of the most outstanding is the automatic creation of the students’ work curriculum so that, with a couple of pieces of information, they have the possibility of having an aesthetic, simple document that allows them to increase their chances of finding a job offer once upon completion of their professional training.

Our verification flow consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Verification of the identity document that allows us to determine that the person is who they say they are.

2. Validation through facial recognition to validate that the person is actually creating the card.

3. Personalization and activation of the card, which has a dynamic QR code that allows the security guard to validate the card when entering the entity.